Gluten Free Artisan Boule

I’m into baking bread at the moment. I’ve become fed up with the standard gluten free bread machine loaf that I’ve been making for years and wanted to break out from the loaf tin and find something a bit more interesting.
I turned to Pintrest (as you do) and stumbled upon the very lovely people at  artisan bread in five minutes. They have a wealth of experience in bread making and when I saw they have gluten free loaves as well – heaven!

The recipe and method I’ve used is all theirs, so I’ve included the video which I used to create my first batch.

I now make it by the bucket load and bake a loaf there and then, have dough in the fridge for when I gobble up the first one because it’s so delicious, and then the rest of the dough goes in the freezer.


Using Sorghum flour was a first for me, but it seems to work really well. I used this one from Bob’s mill. A bit pricey and harder to get hold of, but my local health food store, Manuka Wholefoods, stocks it. Expect to pay about £3.50 a bag.

The result…


Yes, it takes longer than the bread machine, but the loaf is so much more like ‘proper’ bread. Delightful.


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