The Rise and Fall of Baking

If my last post was the rise, then this one is the fall of gluten-free baking.

I always get disappointed when recipes don’t work out and I get cross at myself for wasting  ingredients. I was really excited to try and make bagels. I’d recently purchased some shop bought gluten-free ones and was reminded of their deliciousness. “I can do those” I thought… hmmm, I’m not sure they’re as easy as I thought after today’s attempts.

I generally want to hide things that don’t turn out well, but I decided that it’s important to share the things that don’t go well alongside those that do.  I”m sure we can all learn something. So here is today’s offering in pictures- flat bagels.

Batter was too stiff so I added extra water. Could this be my first error?


IMG_0913 A top piping tip… seal off one end with a clip and use a glass to hold piping bag steady whilst putting in the mixture.
Didn’t really rise at all!


Just kind of spread out!
After re-piping them, I decided I’d just see what happened when I baked them. I tried boiling a couple as the recipe dictated but that wasn’t a success, so I just stuck them in the oven!
The result. Hardly bagel like in any way, shape or form. But they are just about edible in a strange kind of way!

Onwards to the next bagel recipe to try then!

Now the granola I made afterwards, far more successful. That’s for the next post maybe!


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