A Simple Life




I got into trouble once when a customer was making a complaint to me. They thought I wasn’t taking them seriously because I was smiling. (Not true!)


I’ve found a smile is powerful.


Sometimes I make myself smile even when I don’t feel like it and it somehow makes me feel better.


I often find people smiling at me in the street. I think I must inadvertently look like I’m smiling half the time. I’ll bet sometime it’s a grimace, but I like it when they return the smile anyway. It makes me joyful.


Maybe try deliberately be extra smiley sometime in the next few days… see what happens.


Time to Write



I aim to write for 30 minutes a day. So far, I’ve not managed it. And I’m annoyed about that. I keep thinking of things I want to write about and then not getting round to doing it. I’ve baked things and forgotten to take photos.


I want to write in order to share and also to get better at it. I don’t think I should beat myself up about it, and maybe I should enjoy being in the moment of things, but I’d like to be just a little more consistent.


Any tips from bloggers out there?!


Caught in a Hurry


It happened almost as soon as I tried to turn out of my road on my bike. I’d chosen peak time to try and get out and as soon as I joined the main flow of traffic I felt like I was in a rush – I wasn’t. Again, as I hit the railway station, there were dozens of people all with heads down and coffee in hand, hurrying to the train. I could almost feel my breathing becoming quicker as I got caught up in the hurry of a commuter’s day.


I had to stop myself from getting caught up in it.


So easy to be caught, it’s almost unconscious.


I cycled deliberately slower and slowed my breathing right down. I wasn’t in a hurry; I didn’t have a strict time deadline. But I got caught up in the pressure of others.




And how can I avoid it?


This is what I pondered as I swam, and even in the pool I was having to remind myself that it wasn’t a race to get to 2000m and if I didn’t make it before I did need to get out and pootle to school – that was ok!!


I think being aware of it is half the battle. I knew I was being caught, so could grab on to the metaphorical post and slow myself down. I’ve been trying to be more ‘mindful’ of late. Deliberately slowing down if I feel myself speeding up. Taking 5 deep breaths and just being aware of my breathing as I do it. It’s not much, but it’s a start.




So the summer holidays have come to an end. What have I learnt about relaxation? Well, I already knew that I found it hard, and this summer has probably taught me that it’s a choice I make and that I need to be pro-active about engaging in relaxation.

This may sound like a contradiction, but in order to relax, I often find it easier to ‘do’ something. To do something that I find relaxing helps me to find a place of relaxation better than if I do nothing.

So what do I do?

Cooking and baking feature highly on my list. I find there’s something intensely relaxing about pottering in the kitchen and creating something that can then be enjoyed by people. Add a good few tunes and I’m happy. Discovering a new recipe that is all ‘free from’ friendly gives me great pleasure.

Knitting is also an activity of relaxation for me. I find it next to imposiible to simply sit and watch TV, so knitting enables my hands to be doing something whilst I watch a film or programme. Added bonus is that I create something… hmmm, I’m spotting a theme here! My latest creation is arm extentions for a fleece that wasn’t quite long enough for my gangly limbs – mmmm, cosy.


In additon to knitting, I’m learning to crochet at the moment. This, however, could not be classed as  ‘relaxing’  yet as I get so frustrated when I do it wrong  and undo it all- which is frequently!! I’m sure it will gain relaxation status in the future as my skills improve.

I’m sure there’s more things if I thought about it some more.

What do you do to relax?