So the summer holidays have come to an end. What have I learnt about relaxation? Well, I already knew that I found it hard, and this summer has probably taught me that it’s a choice I make and that I need to be pro-active about engaging in relaxation.

This may sound like a contradiction, but in order to relax, I often find it easier to ‘do’ something. To do something that I find relaxing helps me to find a place of relaxation better than if I do nothing.

So what do I do?

Cooking and baking feature highly on my list. I find there’s something intensely relaxing about pottering in the kitchen and creating something that can then be enjoyed by people. Add a good few tunes and I’m happy. Discovering a new recipe that is all ‘free from’ friendly gives me great pleasure.

Knitting is also an activity of relaxation for me. I find it next to imposiible to simply sit and watch TV, so knitting enables my hands to be doing something whilst I watch a film or programme. Added bonus is that I create something… hmmm, I’m spotting a theme here! My latest creation is arm extentions for a fleece that wasn’t quite long enough for my gangly limbs – mmmm, cosy.


In additon to knitting, I’m learning to crochet at the moment. This, however, could not be classed as  ‘relaxing’  yet as I get so frustrated when I do it wrong  and undo it all- which is frequently!! I’m sure it will gain relaxation status in the future as my skills improve.

I’m sure there’s more things if I thought about it some more.

What do you do to relax?




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