Caught in a Hurry


It happened almost as soon as I tried to turn out of my road on my bike. I’d chosen peak time to try and get out and as soon as I joined the main flow of traffic I felt like I was in a rush – I wasn’t. Again, as I hit the railway station, there were dozens of people all with heads down and coffee in hand, hurrying to the train. I could almost feel my breathing becoming quicker as I got caught up in the hurry of a commuter’s day.


I had to stop myself from getting caught up in it.


So easy to be caught, it’s almost unconscious.


I cycled deliberately slower and slowed my breathing right down. I wasn’t in a hurry; I didn’t have a strict time deadline. But I got caught up in the pressure of others.




And how can I avoid it?


This is what I pondered as I swam, and even in the pool I was having to remind myself that it wasn’t a race to get to 2000m and if I didn’t make it before I did need to get out and pootle to school – that was ok!!


I think being aware of it is half the battle. I knew I was being caught, so could grab on to the metaphorical post and slow myself down. I’ve been trying to be more ‘mindful’ of late. Deliberately slowing down if I feel myself speeding up. Taking 5 deep breaths and just being aware of my breathing as I do it. It’s not much, but it’s a start.


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