Menu Planner – DIY

I’ve always been one to plan my weekly meals. It saves thinking when I’m tired after work and saves money as I buy what we need and don’t waste too much stuff.

My pad of  blank menus was coming to an end, so I though I’d look and see if there was an alternative way of doing it. I found this idea on Pinterest and decided to have a go. The idea is that it’s re-useable and having the ingredients on the back should help with planning a shopping list. Sounded good to me!

So here is my version.  I ususally put my menus on the fridge so I used an old magnetic board I happened to have, covered it with handmade paper and re-purposed an old box and added it  to the bottom to hold the spare cards that I’m not using that week.


The cards are colour coded:

Red = red meat

Green = Vegetarian

Blue = Fish

White = Chicken

Yellow = Eating Out/Special Occasion

On one side they have the meal, the other has the ingredients needed as well as the recipe book it comes from- simple!


We’ll see how well it works this week.


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