Coconut Yogurt – Finally!!!

I’ve been trying to make my own coconut yogurt for an age. I’ve read so many recipes on Pinterest and tried numerous different ways and it’s never worked until now!

While I love the shop bought COYO brand, it’s SO expensive at £1.99 for a small 125g tub or £2.99 for a 250g one. It’s a treat. I wanted to create something I could be a bit more generous with myself with and not limit it to a spoonful at a time.

I’ve gone down the route of  heating it until a precise temperature and letting it cool and then adding the content of pro-biotic capsules, but that was a dismal failure. The top gained pink mould, probably due to my not cleaning things well enough to stop the bad bacteria setting in.

So I decided to keep it simple.  Forget the probiotic capsules (for the moment) and the thermometer and head for the shop bought option. While £2 for a pot of yogurt is pricey when you’re eating it, using it as a starter seemed a good option seeing as the special ‘vegan’ ones seem to be impossible to get in the UK and then even more expensive. Some people have said that this method doesn’t work, but I seem to have been successful with it.


1 x  400ml tin coconut milk

2 tablespoons Coyo coconut yogurt. Like this one I use this or the 125g size

1/2 sachet gelatin, made up according to instructions (this makes it NOT vegan, but you could try agar flakes. I haven’t ventured down this road as I eat meat so it doesn’t worry me)

All I did was literally mix it all together in yogurt maker container and then put it on for AT LEAST 24 hours. It did separate in that time (see picture) but I just stirred it.IMG_1271IMG_1272

After 24 hours, I gave it a good stir and put it in the fridge overnight. This allows the gelatin to set.

Some might say it’s a little like jelly, but I’m happy with it.


I’d really like to get it to work with tapioca starch as then it would be vegan and I’d not worry so much about the source of the gelatin, but that’s an experiment for another time. If anyone has tips, please do share.


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